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The latest mobile phone solar charger into a selling point

2014-06-09 15:10

          Modern mobile electronic devices become essential goods can not be replaced, carry smart phones can access every day, take    pictures, listen to music, navigation, but also makes it faster battery helpless. Have a longer-lasting battery power, become the focus of everyone's attention. Currently, the mobile phone market has learned of the needs of consumers, selling solar cells become the latest mobile phones.

  Cell phone needs to lead innovation

 "Development of battery technology seems to have stalled, unable to keep up with the ever-increasing mobile processors or new features and only a fundamental change in battery technology, in order to respond to the operational needs of higher intensity." Changchun, a cell phone store manager Mr. Sun this introduction. It is understood that there are solar charging cell phones.

  A low-cost mobile phones on the market, the price is only a few hundred dollars to provide basic call functions. The phone in the back affixed with a solar panel, 0.5V voltage of the solar cell to produce a single piece of a boost to 3.7V, the voltage level can be rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones. Industry sources, the phone charge for 1 hour, you can talk for 15 minutes, since the phone is a basic feature phones, so this charge and the phone call values have generally meet the demand for electricity.

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