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2016-08-25 14:43

Solar Home System
Power Pad Series
Introduction & Features
Ø Used as UPS backup power, portable micro off-grid power.
Ø Completely replace the AC home lighting, DC power lighting with safety.
Ø Especially applied to no electricity areas or conditions.
Ø Highly integrated design, the control system is built in the power box, no seperated controller or invertor.
Ø Auto-protection of excessive charging, diacharging, short out, overload, could be used at ease and safety.
Ø Relatetive small size, convenient to move and carry, easy to install and use.
Ø Longer service time and  smaller size compared with lead acid and gel battery system.
Ø Could directly connect DC TV and DC fan, 2 USB outports for charging digital devices.
Ø With master switch and branch switches, convenient for switching on and off.
Ø Long warranty with 5 years for the whole set, after-sale service is guaranteed.
Ø Stable and noiseless working, simple operation.

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